Do Business Communication Technology Tools Meet Learner Needs?

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While institutions of higher education are enthusiastically embracing technology- mediated learning (TML), little research has been conducted to identify factors that influence student use of TML tools or determine whether use of them increases student learning. This study of business communication students at two universities found that (1) students tend to be sensing, visual, active, and sequential learners; (2) perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of TML tools are positively associated with perceived learning success; (3) learning styles do influence the students’ usage behavior of certain TML tools; and (4) students’ sensing/intuitive learning style is related to their perceived learning success.


DuFrene, Debbie D., Carol M. Lehman, Franz W. Kellermanns, and Rodney A. Pearson. "Do business communication technology tools meet learner needs?." Business Communication Quarterly (2009).



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