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An effective way to perpetuate an academic discipline is to identify and to define its intellectual and historical roots, then to set such roots in the foundation textbooks and courses of the discipline. In that regard, Business Communication still struggles to establish its roots when compared to other disciplines in business schools, particularly Management. For this study, we undertook an extensive review of significant scholarly works on Business Communication as a discipline. We discovered there are prevalent themes in the broader context of rhetoric, technology, culture, dissemination, and impression; and this was confirmed by our examining the tables of contents for five leading Business Communication textbooks. We also found in the tables of contents for five leading management textbooks that all professional communication areas were placed under the leading function. Based on these findings, we recommend that Business Communication scholars, authors, and teachers embrace the five themes of business communication under the leading function to better establish and promote Business Communication as a discipline.


Author pre-print copy posted. Originally published in Business Studies Journal, Volume 6, Special Issue, Number 2, 2014, pp. 99-121



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