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A new, extinct species of the wasp genus Lindenius (Crabroninae: Crabronini: Crabronina) is described and figured from two exquisitely preserved specimens discovered in Early Miocene Dominican amber. Lindenius paleomystax, new species, represents the first record for the tribe Crabronini in Dominican amber and the southernmost record for the genus in the New World. The unique locality and habitat data begin to reveal a more complicated natural history for the genus than that suggested by Recent taxa alone. A checklist of fossil apoid wasps in amber is provided and the new species is discussed within the context of an overview of apoid wasp origins and evolution.


Bennett, Daniel J., and Michael S. Engel. "A new moustache wasp in Dominican amber, with an account of apoid wasp evolution emphasizing Crabroninae (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae)." American Museum Novitates (2006): 1-10.


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