Biodiversity and Biogeography of Sakhalin Island

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Book Chapter

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Here we present review data on the geographic distribution and biogeography of the Sakhalin biota and attempt to analyze its general structure based on indicator taxonomic groups of terrestrial and freshwater organisms (i.e., fungi, plants, and animals). The work is based on a long-term program designed to survey and inventory the biota of Sakhalin Island: the International Sakhalin Island Project, an extension of the International Kuril Island Projectreported on by Pietsch et al. (2003).


Pietsch, T.W., V.V. Bogatov, S. Yu. Storozhenko, A.S. Lelej, V. Yu. Barkalov, H. Takahashi, S.L. Joneson, S.K. Kholin, K.A. Glew, J.A. Harpel, P.V. Krestov, E.A. Makarchenko, N.Minakawa, M. Ôhara, D.J. Bennett, T.R. Anderson, R.L. Crawford, L.A. Prozorova, Y.Kuwahara, S.V. Shedko, M. Yabe, P.J. Woods, & D.E. Stevenson. 2012. Biodiversity and biogeography of Sakhalin Island In book: Flora and fauna of North-West Pacific islands (Materials of International Kuril Island and International Sakhalin Island Projects), Chapter: 1, Publisher: Dalnauka, Editors: В. В. Богатов, В. Ю. Баркалов, А. С. Лелей, Е. А. Макарченко, С. Ю. Стороженко, pp.11-78



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