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Previously, we demonstrated induction of a unique macrophage prothrombinase during infection of BALB/cJ mice by mouse hepatitis virus strain 3 (MHV-3). By immunologic screening, a clone representing this prothrombinase was isolated from a cDNA library and sequenced. The sequence identified this clone as representing part of a gene, musfiblp, that encodes a fibrinogen-like protein. Six additional clones were isolated, and one clone, p11-3-1, encompassed the entire coding region of musfiblp. Murine macrophages did not constitutively express musfiblp but, when infected with MHV-3, synthesized musfiblp-specific mRNA. musfiblp mRNA induction was earlier and significantly greater in BALB/cJ than A/J macrophages. Prothrombinase activity was demonstrated when musfiblp was expressed from p11-3-1 in RAW 264.7 cells. These data suggest that musfiblp encodes the MHV-induced prothrombinase.


Parr, Rebecca L., Laisum Fung, Jeffrey Reneker, Nancy Myers-Mason, Julian L. Leibowitz, and Gary Levy. "Association of mouse fibrinogen-like protein with murine hepatitis virus-induced prothrombinase activity." Journal of virology 69, no. 8 (1995): 5033-5038.



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