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A ginseng Rb extract (GRbE) containing three major ingredients of ginsenoside Rb1 (G-Rb1), ginsenoside Rb3 (G-Rb3) and ginsenoside Rd (G-Rd) has been shown to have anticonvulsant and neuroprotective activity. As such, sufficient characterization and standardization of this active GRbE are demanded to facilitate an ongoing preclinical investigation on its potential for the treatment of epilepsy. In the investigation, the methods for generating the active GRbE and isolating G-Rb1, G-Rb3, and G-Rd in large scale from Panax quinquefolius are described. The chemical profile of GRbE was characterized by identifying the structure of the individual ingredients using NMR, and the concentration of individual ingredients was determined using HPLC. This study demonstrates the application of the established methods for reproducibly generating anticonvulsant GRbE, which is enriched in five panaxadiol glycosides of G-Rb1, ginsenoside Rb2 (G-Rb2), G-Rb3, ginsenoside Rc (G-Rc), and G-Rd with total ginsenosides over 90%, and for purifying G-Rb1, G-Gb3 and G-Rd with purity of 97.9%, 96.6% and 98.6%, respectively.


Zhang, Z.; Lian, X. Preparation and characterization of a standardized anticonvulsant ginseng Rb extract from Panax quinquefolius L. Pharmaceutical Crops 2011, 2, 65-69.

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