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Sodium and Cl are low-cost nutrients with great influence on feed conversion ratio (FCR), eggshell quality, and excreta moisture. Actual values of dietary requirements of these minerals for commercial laying hens are not well defined. These requirements were reevaluated in a factorial experiment using corn-soybean meal basal diets. No significant influence of Na and Cl levels was observed on egg production (%), egg weight (g), or feed intake (g/d), but levels of these minerals had variable effects on FCR, eggshell quality, and excreta moisture. The optimum requirement of Na changed according to the variable evaluated and level of Cl used.


Murakami, A. E., Sakamoto, M. I., Franco, J. R. G., Martins, E. N., & Oviedo Rondon, E. O. (2003). Requirements of Sodium and Chloride by Leghorn Laying Hens. Journal of Applied Poultry Research, 12(2), 217–221.




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