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A proper dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) is essential to ensure an optimum acid-base equilibrium and broiler performance. In low-CP diets, this balance can be affected by reduction of soybean meal and inclusion of high levels of synthetic amino acids. Although, some studies have related low-protein diets supplemented with amino acids and DEB, these relations are not well explained, because some research demonstrates confusion about the deficiency and balance of nutrients. The objective of these experiments was to evaluate the DEB effects of diets with low levels of protein supplemented with amino acids on broiler performance and bone development. Results indicated that DEB and CP content influenced broiler chick performance in the starter and growing periods. There was no significant effect due to the interaction between DEB and CP content for tibial dyschondroplasia incidence (TD) or in bone breaking resistance during the growing period of either experiment. The incidence of TD was reduced with 253 mEq/kg DEB in the starter period.


Murakami, A. E., Franco, J. R. G., Martins, E. N., Oviedo Rondon, E. O., Sakamoto, M. I., & Pereira, M. S. (2003). Effect of Electrolyte Balance in Low-Protein Diets on Broiler Performance and Tibial Dyschondroplasia Incidence. Journal of Applied Poultry Research, 12(2), 207–216.




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