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Cerro Juanaqueña is a large cerro de trincheras located in northwestern Chihuahua, in the municipio of Janos. The site was built over 3000 years ago on the summit and slopes of a 140 meter high basalt hill which overlooks the floodplain of the Rio Casas Grandes and its major tributary, the Rio San Pedro. Large constructed terraces cover an area of about 8 hectares, with over 8 kilometers of terrace wall and 108 stone circles. This informe summarizes the investigations undertaken at Cerro Juanaqueña and other related sites under the oficio No. C.A. 401–36/560 (22 de mayo de 1998) authorized by the Consejo de Antropología. The project was funded in 1997 by National Science Foundation (NSF) SBR-97086210 and in 1998 by NSF SBR-9809839.

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